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Seniors Participate in Final High School Retreat

December 01, 2021
By St. Michael High School

St. Michael seniors spent a day in retreat this week at Camp Living Waters in Loranger, LA. The day’s theme of “Put on Love,” inspired by Colossians 3:12-14, allowed students to dive deeply into understanding God’s love in all areas of life.

“It was the perfect day for our seniors to get away from their typical school schedule and have a time to reflect with only each other. Students focused on the virtue of love, examining how they have experienced God’s love and how they shared that love with others. It was a beautiful and prayerful day of reflection, surprises, Sacrament, and fellowship,” shares campus minister Emily Froeba.

Throughout the day, seniors had the opportunity to listen to inspiring talks and reflect on the ways they can continue to commit and sacrifice for God and others in the future. There was also time for small group reflection and fun activities.

Senior Lucy Rispone, who is also a member of St. Michael’s student council, said her favorite part of the day was being able to spend time in nature with her classmates. “We were able to spend time with friends discussing the talks that we listened to throughout the day and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation,” she shares. “Retreats are an important part of our high school experience because it allows us to draw closer to God and grow in our faith life together as a class. We are very fortunate to be able to live in a community centered on the love of God.”

Senior cheerleader Henlee Hoffer said she feels closer to her classmates after the retreat. “I learned just how strong some of my classmates are. Everyone is going through something that we may not be able to see from the outside. Knowing this, you can gain a new respect for the people around you and make a few new friends,” she explains. “My favorite part of the retreat was the clothespin activity. You pin a clothespin on different classmates who have had certain influences on you. It really showed how much we have been through over four years and let us appreciate each other one last time.”