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Campus Ministry at St. Michael is the heart of who we are and what we do. In our mission to form the whole student, Campus Ministry works to weave faith into the daily lives of our students. We offer a variety of opportunities for students to see the beauty of the Catholic faith and connect to their faith in dynamic and practical ways.


Peer Ministry

Students who would like to be peer leaders in the faith are invited to join Peer Ministry. Through this club, students are built up and empowered to share Christ in the classes, peer groups, clubs, and sports with which they are already involved. This is a chance for them to share Christ in the places that He has placed them. As seniors, students can also take a half-credit class, Leadership and Faith, which allows them to learn practical, intellectual, and spiritual skills for being a leader in the faith.

Retreat Program

Each grade level and our faculty attend a yearly retreat. This gives all those in the St. Michael community a chance to come away from daily life to refresh, recharge, and reorient themselves. We also allow other optional retreats and attend events throughout the year, such as: Angola Retreat, March for Life, Abbey Youth fest, MP3 Nights, Diocesan Youth Conference, Peer Ministry Retreat, Nicaragua Mission Trip, and many more.