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Clubs & Activities

St. Michael High School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities that appeal to the interests and needs of our students. Each individual student is encouraged to participate in any of these activities that appeal to his or her own unique skills and talents. 

Organizations and clubs include participation in academic activities and projects, fine arts projects, literary work ventures, community service projects, and school spirit activities. St. Michael encourages its students to participate in at least one co-curricular activity. To become a member of any organization, a student must contact the moderator of that group. Each officer and member is committed to abide by the guidelines and policies for the clubs and organizations in which they participate. 

St. Michael students are also encouraged to submit proposals for new clubs that appeal to their interests or passions. Proposals for new clubs may be submitted to Jackie Moseley via email. 

A comprehensive list of every club and its description can be found below. 

St. Michael Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, serve as hosts for guests on campus, and perform duties at various SMHS campus and community events.  Students can join Ambassadors as early as 9th grade pending approval from administration.

Club Moderator: Julie Lechich

Information Coming Soon. 

Club Moderator: Dionne O'Brien

The Beta Club is an academic service organization that emphasizes good grades and service to school and the community. National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. And for more than 80 years, it has prepared today's students to be tomorrow's leaders. It is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders only. Membership is by invitation only, based on the previous year’s GPA. Our students complete monthly service projects such as Nursing Home visits, Food Drives for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, toys for needy children during Christmas, helping with the Special Olympics, making and delivering Easter Baskets for St. Vincent DePaul, and also having each member Adopt A Teacher to show our appreciation for their hard work.

Meetings are held once a month, after school, in the cafeteria. 

Club Moderator: Lorenzo Foster 

The SMHS Chess Club offers opportunities to strategically practice chess while having fun.  The club meets once a month after school and daily at lunch for both instruction and play.  The club is open to students of all ability levels.

Club Moderator: Amy Donaldson

The Cooking and Crafting club is a fun way to learn and/or share your interest in crafts, sewing, and cooking. No experience needed! The club meets on a Tuesday and Thursday, once a month, either before school or for an hour after school. We focus on holiday crafts and gifts ideas, delicious breakfast treats, service projects for premature babies, and so much more. There is a small one-time club fee to cover cost.

Club Moderator: Mary Richardson

If you’re interested in reading and writing, this is the place for you! Swing by and sit in for one of our meetings. You will no doubt have a fantastic time. 

The purpose of the Creative Writing Club is to recognize, cultivate, and support the imaginations and writing talents of SMHS students. The club meets once every week after school to share original works of poetry, fiction, and/or non-fiction in a collaborative and creative environment. The ultimate goal of the club is to improve craftsmanship and work toward publication. 

Club Moderator: Alexander Stanfill

There’s no business like show business, and the Drama Club does it best!  Actors, Directors, and the Tech Team make our plays a success!  The Drama Club produces a play each spring. By participating in this club, the members (while having fun) gain insight into different aspects of Theatre. 

Club Moderator: Melissa Heroman

Ecowarriors is the heart of our high school's environmental efforts. With a focus on planting and caring for our surroundings, we're passionate about making a positive impact on our planet. Through various activities and projects, we strive to raise awareness and inspire others to join us in our mission. Together, we're working towards a healthier, more sustainable future for all. Join us and be a part of something meaningful!

Club Moderator: Maria Lomnicka and Ashley Dominick

The St. Michael Fly Fishing Club is the only high school fly fishing club in the entire Gulf South, as recognized by Fly Fishers International. The club meets the first and third Wednesdays after school from 2:45 – 4:00. Club members learn how to target and catch fish in Louisiana waters with a fly rod. Students receive casting instruction, they engage in friendly casting competitions, they learn how to tie their own flies so they can catch fish on something they have created themselves, and they also get to occasionally fish in a local pond together. For more information, please contact Dr. Kevin Andry at Tight loops and tight lines!

Club Modorator: Dr. Kevin Andry

The French club is led by our  French teacher, Mrs. Shamburger.  St. Michael students take part in activities such as visit nursing homes to share their French speaking and singing skills, celebrate French Week, and host a French breakfast for the administration. 

Club Moderator: Genedi Shamburger

The Junior Classical League creates and promotes interest in the classical languages of Greece and Rome.  It spends its time on service projects and activities promoting the spirit of Latin.  It culminates in a weekend spent at the JCL Convention participating in academic contests, certamen (quiz bowl), Olympic events, and fellowship with other Latin students in the state.

JCL Creed

We, the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world.
We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us to understand and appraise this world today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language, and arts.
We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication, and enriches our total growth.

JCL Philosophy

We believe that through the National Junior Classical League:

  1. We will gain an active appreciation and understanding of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, thereby better enabling us as individuals to interpret and appraise our own world.
  2. We have a sound structure that provides a sound basis for the expansion of our horizons and perspectives, intellectually, socially, and esthetically.
  3. We have a viable organization that can effectively create in others a sense of awareness, interest, and appreciation as far as the value of classics is concerned.

Club Moderator: Lorrie Cousins 

The St. Michael math club competes in competitions held around South Louisiana.  State and national dues are required. Meetings are weekly in order to prepare and practice for competitions. There is fun, fellowship, and food at the competitions. A state convention is held in the spring. Students must have a 3.0 GPA in their math courses at St. Michael to be an active member.

Club Moderator: Michelle Smith 

The National Honor Society is a nation-wide organization, founded in 1921, that honors our nation’s outstanding high school students.  At St. Michael, students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and character are eligible to join the NHS after four semesters of academic work.  Members operate the NHS Learning Lab, a center in the school library which offers free tutoring services to students of all grade levels.

Club Modorator: Joshua Zeringue

Peer Ministry is open to students of all grade who would like to make Christ more alive on Campus. Students in Peer Ministry meet monthly during lunch periods for opportunities for personal growth in the faith and fellowship. Students are encouraged to bring Christ to the clubs, classrooms and activities of their daily lives. Students also take part in other retreats and Diocesan youth events.

Club Modorator: Emily Froeba

Club Moderator: Lorrie Cousins


With fun, literature-based games and activities for all to join, the Reading Warriors bring books to life by awakening the imagination. 
Meeting once a month, some intriguing activities in which we will participate are as follows:  

  • Murder Mystery Event 
  • Battle of the Books 
  • Author visit 
  • Book Oscars 
  • Book Tasting Party 
  • Service Project at St. Andrews – Reading to PreK 
  • Creating Christmas book trees out of old books 
  • Literature Jeopardy 
  • Compare/Contrast Epic Book vs. Movie Battles 
  • and so much more!  

Club Moderator: Amy Donaldson

Robotics club is a great way to share your enthusiasm for robotics with your fellow classmates and compete against other students across the state by building a robot from the ground up. Each year we build and program a robot that will compete in the Vex Robotics Competition. Visit to see the game for which we build our robot to perform each year. Our club placed third in the 2015-2016 Louisiana State Vex Robotics Competition at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA. During the 2020-2021 school year, we competed in the Louisiana State Vex Robotics Competition at LSU Alexandria and were invited to the Vex Robotics World Competition because of our performance at the state competition. If you have a love for engineering and math, then Robotics Club is the place for you! We meet each Monday after school from 2:30 to 3:30. Hope to see you there! 

Club Moderators: Mary Richardsonand Michael McCaughey


Do you have the desire and ability to learn a highly technical set of skills leading to the proficient operation of state-of-the-art sound equipment capable of peeling paint off the walls? The SMHS Sound Club adds Power to the Preaching, Puts Pep in the Rallies, and Keeps the Rock Rolling. As a club member you will learn by doing. The more you help, the more you see and learn. Eventually, you may operate all the equipment with minimal supervision.

We amplify St. Michael special events where audio equipment is required, including Masses, Assemblies, Pep Rallies, Guest Speakers, School Dances, Theater Events and at Campus Ministry events such as MP3’s and Retreats. 

Freshmen and Sophomore club members will be given priority acceptance to the Studio Production / Multimedia Elective in Junior and Senior year.

Club Moderator: Scott Ayo

This club is small but exciting! Every other Wednesday, the club meets to enjoy chips, salsa, and friends. They plan school, community, and religious projects and explore the Spanish language and culture.

The goals of the St. Michael Spanish Club are to expand our Hispanic cultural knowledge in and out of the classroom and to practice and expand our ability to communicate in the language. We often attend Spanish Mass at Christ the King Church on the LSU campus, take field trips to the Cabildo in New Orleans and the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet, and go out to eat at local Mexican restaurants to practice our Spanish. We have competed well at past Spanish Club Conventions, earning awards for creative writing, film competitions, and grade-level tests. There are about 30 club members each year. 

Upcoming Meetings: The Spanish Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month after school.

Club Moderator: Anthony Taffaro

The Spirit Club consists of 9-12 grade students who are interested in raising school spirit and awareness of the many St. Michael Sporting events. The Spirit Club is responsible for game themes, pep rallies, Powderpuff, Class Cup Competition, locker signs and banners, and spirit items. The Spirit Club is also responsible for the Warrior Yell Leaders. The Yell Leaders are a group of Senior Spirit Club members that lead the student section at sporting events, facilitate pep rallies, and promote school spirit throughout the entire student body.

Club Moderator: Camille DeBennedetto and Emily Polson

This club has an everlasting impact on the school community. The Student Council is responsible for several dances, such as the Back to School Dance, Homecoming, and Winter Formal. Most importantly, we focus on improving school spirit and making positive changes, with the aid of the administration. Our goal is to make St. Michael High School the best that it can be. 

Club Moderator: Jackie Moseley 

2023-2024 Student Council Executive Officers 

President:  Lee Balart
Vice President:  Alex Vidaurre
Parliamentarian:  Lucy Kyle
Secretary:  Vivian Truong
Historian:  Olivia Thibodeaux
Treasurer:  Victoria Provost
Chaplain:  Mary Kathryn Covington

The Warriors for Life club is St. Michael’s pro-life club. As a club, we try to find ways to take a stand for life, love, peace, respect, community, and human dignity, no matter what. We stand against abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, suicide, bullying, human trafficking, pornography, capital punishment, genocide, racism, and anything else that tramples upon human dignity. Through fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and service activities, we seek to love, serve, and support those suffering from hunger, poverty, effects of war, disability, sickness, depression, crisis, and imprisonment in any way we can.

Meetings are once per month.

Each year, we participate in the following events:

  • St. Jude Walk to support childhood cancer patients
  • Living Rosary for Life/Pro-Life Week/Assembly Speaker
  • 40 Days for Life: praying outside Delta abortion clinic in Baton Rouge
  • Born to Run 5K: raises money for the Woman’s New Life Clinic (crisis pregnancy center)
  • Hunger Walk: raises funds for people in poverty in Baton Rouge
  • Louisiana Life March, Baton Rouge
  • March for Life Youth Pilgrimage, Washington, D.C. (through the diocese of Baton Rouge)
  • Pro-Vita Dinner (fundraiser for the DC March for Life trip)
  • PULSE (immersion camp that teaches teens how to explain and defend the pro-life message)
  • Drives and Fundraisers for Pro-Life organizations (Woman’s New Life Clinic, Catholic Charities, Metanoia Manor, etc.)

Club Moderators: Haley Wetzel

The Warrior Wellness Club encourages students to practice kindness and mindfulness in their school, community, and at home. Monthly meetings will consist of discussions and activities that promote self-care, coping skills, and good decision making. This club will be a healthy support system for students.

Club Moderator: Taylor Flowers / Chelsea Brown