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Building the Foundation for Academic Excellence

Since 1984, St. Michael has provided the academic foundation needed for success in college and the 21st century global community. Our school utilizes a 1:1  laptop program to better prepare students to be independent, creative learners, and problem solvers. 

Our curriculum provides students with challenges and opportunities to make the most of a variety of course offerings, including Advanced Placement, Honors, and Dual Enrollment classes. Our vast program of studies affords each student a unique opportunity to pursue his/her academic potential and interests through innovative, enriching courses aligned with state and national standards. Students have access to a range of class electives for any interest, including Engineering, Coding and Game Development, Leadership and Faith, Life Skills, and Clothing.  Additionally, each year students are enrolled in a Theology course, tailored to build a lasting impact on their faith formation. 

Through personalized guidance and a range of opportunities, our students find their paths to excellence at St. Michael in and out of the classroom.