At St. Michael High School, the Christian Service Program helps students grow as servant-leaders modeled after Jesus Christ. This program is responsible for providing avenues in which the students give back more than 20,000 volunteer hours of service to the community annually.

Serving others is at the very heart of the Christian life, for Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. Jesus teaches us again and again that in encountering and serving people in need, we are meeting and loving God.

Accordingly, the students, faculty, and staff work hard to create a culture of service at St. Michael High School, where Christian service is integrated naturally into everything we do. Students help coordinate service projects through the Student Council, Key Club, Beta Club, Campus Ministry, and many other student organizations.

Faculty and staff encourage Christian service through the visible example of their many volunteer activities in the community, and coaches encourage team service projects to build unity and leadership. Throughout the year, students have countless opportunities for students to serve their school, church, and community.

In 2017, students volunteered over 20,000 hours of community service including visiting shut-ins, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, maintaining a pro-life prayer ministry, and adopting a sister Catholic school in New Orleans, in addition to traveling abroad for international mission trips.

Purpose of the Program: To provide for the kinds of powerful interpersonal experiences that can change the hearts of our students and teach them to readily see the dignity of every human person.

Service Hour Forms


Service in a Pandemic: Due to COVID-19, we have changed our service policy for Fall 2020. Service is still an integral part of the mission our school. Students will continue to serve like Christ in active and creative ways that ensure the safety of all. Therefore, we will challenge our students and families to live out the Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy in creative and intentional ways. This block program will allow students to serve without risk to health, while allowing avenues and ideas for everyday service to help those around them. More information will be sent to parents and shared with students from the Office of Campus Ministry and in Religion classes.

Documentation: Students will complete at least 5 actions and fill out the 5 corresponding Service Blocks. (See the form “Fall 2020 Service Policy” under “Service Hours Forms”). Students should print this service block page to be turned in to their religion teacher by the deadline.

Each block needs a description of the service completed, an adult supervisor name, and phone number or email address for us to verify service was completed.

Additionally, each religion teacher will require students to document their service in different ways (pictures, videos, writing assignments, etc). Please check with your religion teacher to see what he/she is requiring for his/her particular class.

You can learn more and see forms at this link:
Service Hour Forms

You can click the link below to see Mrs. Froeba and Ms. Krause explain the new fall program:

Service Categories:

There are two types of service blocks corresponding with Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

White Blocks: works of mercy which require more concrete and documentable effort.

Grey Blocks: works of mercy which are more spiritual and not as easily documentable.

Students must complete at least 3 White Blocks (though all 5 blocks may be white if the student so chooses). No more than 2 Grey Blocks can be counted toward the final 5 service blocks.


Fall 2020: Friday, December 4, 2020. All 5 service blocks must be filled out and turned in to religion teacher at this time.

Spring 2021: We are only publishing service requirements for Fall 2020 at this time. We will be monitoring the situation with COVID-19 in our community, and the service policy for Spring 2021 will be published after the deadline in December.



• Students who have not met requirements by December 4th will have their 2nd quarter religion grade permanently lowered by and up to one letter grade (1% each day the hours are turned in late, up to 10%.)

• Students may not take the midterm exams in of any of their classes until they have met the requirements.


• Students who have not met requirements by the deadline will have their 4th quarter religion grade permanently lowered by up to one letter grade (1% each day the hours are turned in late, up to 10%).

• Students may not take the final exams of any of their classes until they have met the requirements.

Deadline & Instructions for Spring 2021: TBA


Students who go above and beyond the requirements are recognized with Christian Service Awards each spring at the Christian Service Mass. The categories and requirements for these awards are:

  • Bronze Award: 10 Hours above minimum requirement
  • Silver Award: 25 Hours above the minimum requirement
  • Gold Award: 50 Hours above the minimum requirement