World Book Online

With this new electronic database, students now have authoritative, reliable reference material available 24/7 in digital format. This college suite of online research tools is tailored to support the needs and skills of students.

To access from school:
World Book Online School Access

To access from home:
World Book Online Home Access

Enter the SMHS password – this is located on the library’s Moodle page.

Once students enter the World Book site, they may choose from one of several database choices:

  • World Book Advanced – General research for high school and college students. Search all encyclopedic, multimedia, periodical, e-book, and primary source databases in a single search! Tools include atlas, dictionary, country research guides, timeline builder, and citation assistance.
  • World Book Student – Comprehensive information is presented in an easy-to-read format.
  • World Book Discover – Offers an uncluttered interface, text-to-speech capabilities, and research tools. Also includes a section on life skills that helps students negotiate financial, housing, and employment issues.
  • World Book Digital Libraries – This is a collection of their most popular print reference sets. Includes Living Green, Early Peoples (Maya, Aztecs, Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, etc), and Inventions and Discoveries.
  • L’Encyclopedie Decouverte Online – Excellent editorial content and rich media in French.
  • Hispanica Saber – A comprehensive Spanish-language encyclopedia designed for native Spanish speakers.
  • Encyclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos – The optimal beginner’s Spanish language reference tool.
  • Dramatic Learning – Builds reading fluency and content comprehension by turning texts into plays, skits, and monologues including adaptations of classic works.