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Summer 2022 Principal's Newsletter

 Summer 2022
Principal's Newsletter


SUMMER SERVICE HOURS:  Students may start completing the Christian Service requirement for the 2022-2023 school year. Students should make a plan now for the service work they plan to do over the next school year. Start by selecting a service area in which the student might be interested. Then contact an organization from the school website to arrange times and dates for the service work.


Required Two Day Student Tablet Training for NEW Students:
All incoming freshmen and new students to St. Michael are required to attend a two day session for Student Tablet/PC Training in July.

July 18   7:30 AM – 4:30 PM & July 19  7:30 AM– 12 Noon
                  New students whose last name begins with F – L

July 21   7:30 AM – 4:30 PM & July 22  7:30 AM – 12 Noon
                  New students whose last name begins with M - Z

July 25   7:30 AM – 4:30 PM & July 26  7:30 AM– 12 Noon
                  New students whose last name begins with A - E

Proper school uniforms are required. Supervision begins 30 minutes before class time and continues for 30 minutes past class dismissal.
Required Parent Informational Meeting for NEW Students:

July 13 6:00 PM

July 18 6:00 PM

July 22 7:30 AM

At least one parent of each new student must attend one Parent Informational Meeting before the student will be allowed to take the computer home.  The Parent Informational Meetings will last about one hour and will be held in the Cafeteria.  

FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL:  Orientation days will be held for all students in all grades.  Report days and times for each grade are listed below.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will pick up their computers and learn technology updates.  Students MUST have their Parent Signature Technology Form and their Flak Jacket to pick up their computers.  Freshmen will follow an abbreviated class schedule and attend orientation sessions before joining their parents in the Multipurpose Building Gym for our traditional Bible ceremony.  Parents are invited to the Multipurpose Building Gym at 6:00 PM for a short meeting followed by the Bible ceremony.

Students must be in proper uniform and no lunch will be served.  There will be no bus service on August 8 & 9.
   Monday, August 8    9th Grade            1:00 PM—7:00 PM
                                    10th Grade          12:00 PM—2:45 PM
   Tuesday, August 9   11th Grade          7:30 AM—10:15 AM
                                     12th Grade          9:30 AM—12:15 PM

The first full day of classes for all students is Wednesday, August 10.  The first bell rings at 7:10 AM with dismissal at 2:30 PM.  The St. Michael shuttle bus and the EBR buses will run beginning on August 10.

CALENDAR FOR 2022-2023:  This is the calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.  It is important that students be present each day of school in order to get the most out of the education being offered.  Please plan your vacations, family trips, and college visits accordingly.

July 18 &19; 21 & 22; or 25 & 26             New Student Technology Training
August 8, 9                                                First Days of School—                                                                                                Orientation              
 August 10                                                 Full Day for All
September 5                                              Labor Day Holiday
October 7                                                   End of the 1st Nine Weeks                
October 10                                                 Fall Holiday
October 10                                                 Contingency Day
November 21-25                                        Thanksgiving Holiday
November 21, 22, 23                                 Contingency Days
December 13-16                                        Midterm Exams
December 19 – January 3                        Christmas Holiday
January 2, 3                                               Contingency Days
January 4                                                   Students Return for 2nd Semester
January 16                                                 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
February 20-24                                          Mardi Gras Holiday
February 22, 23, 24                                   Contingency Days
March 10                                                    End of the 3rd Nine Weeks
April 7-14                                                   Easter Holiday
April 11, 12, 13, 14                                    Contingency Days
May 19                                                       Graduation
May 22-25                                                  Final Exams for Underclassmen
May 26                                                       Teacher Work Day/                                                                                                           No School for Students

REQUIRED SUMMER READING:  The required summer reading list for all students is available on the St. Michael website under Quick Links.   Students are to read any two books from their grade level list.  Please note that Honors and AP students have additional requirements at the bottom of the page.  Check out book reviews and summaries on and  Most titles are available for free download through our OverDrive eBook link.  OverDrive is compatible with Nook, Kindle, Fujitsu tablets, home computers, Ipads and smart phones.  Please see the Library’s Moodle page if you need assistance.

STUDENT SCHEDULES: Student schedules for the 2022-2023 school year will be posted by July 18.  The courses that were requested are considered a commitment on the part of the parents/guardians and the students to take the classes they asked the school to provide for the entire 2022-2023 school year. Please remember that the master schedule is built based upon requests made by the parents/guardians and students.  For this reason, changes will be made only under rare and special circumstances with the final approval of the administration. 

SCHOOL COUNSELORS:  The SMHS School Counseling Department supports the mission of the school by assisting students to facilitate growth in the areas of spiritual, personal, social, academic and career concern.  If a student needs assistance in any of these areas, the student should see his or her  grade level counselor.

Freshman Class:  Mrs. Taylor Flowers
Sophomore Class:  Ms. Chelsea Brown
Junior Class:  Mrs. Linda Dutreix
Senior Class:  Mrs. Rachel Cart

Personal Development

SENIOR PICTURES:  Barclell Studio will take all senior yearbook pictures. We encourage you to have senior pictures taken during the summer months; however, the deadline for your student's senior yearbook picture is November 4.  The sitting fee is $15. Barclell Studio has the option to schedule senior yearbook sessions on its website at Book a Session. Or you may call their office at (225) 791-1951.  Please remember that all grooming must be to St. Michael standards for the yearbook picture.  If you take your picture, and your grooming is not to St. Michael standards, you will have to re-take your picture and pay an additional sitting fee.  If you have any questions about those standards, please see the handbook, which is posted online.  Barclell Studio is located at 251 Tate Road in Denham Springs.  
2022 BACK TO SCHOOL DANCE: Our Back to School Dance will be Saturday, August 27. Tickets will be sold online.  More information will be found in the August newsletter.

2022-2023 SCHOOL YEARBOOK:  Now is your chance to order your 2022-2023 Yearbook at the lowest price of the year. Save $10 by purchasing your yearbook today through August 19. All yearbooks must be purchased online at Please direct all questions regarding the yearbook to Also, Senior Yearbook Ads will be available for purchase beginning December 1. The deadline to submit a Senior Yearbook Ad is February 17, 2023

Advancement News &
Important Events

The 5th annual St. Michael Alumni Softball Tournament is quickly approaching! Join us
on Saturday, August 6 beginning at 8:00 AM for a day filled with competition and camaraderie. Visit to register a team or purchase a sponsorship.

#SMHSWarriors #WarriorAlumni

One of the blessings of being a part of a school community is that we have the opportunity each year to begin again.  After a summer of rest and preparation, teachers and students head back to the classroom to build upon their prior knowledge and grow in their relationship with Christ.  As a Catholic school, we are fortunate to be able to partner with parents in the goal of forming our young men and young women into the people God calls them to be. 

As we prepare to start the 2022-2023 school year, we have much to look forward to in the coming months.  As part of St. Michael’s strategic plan, the faculty will be focusing on a Literacy Across the Curriculum program in order to assist our students with their reading and comprehension skills.  Standardized test scores indicate that our students could use some help in this area, so we will implement a school-wide program to increase reading skills in all content areas.  

With the beginning of our tenth year as a one-to-one laptop school, students need continued guidance on how to navigate the digital world productively and responsibly for learning and for life.  St. Michael will implement a Digital Citizenship program offered this year to all our students through their classes.  We will have national speaker Richard Guerry give a presentation to our parents and to our students in November on Public and Permanent.  Look for dates and times in our upcoming newsletters.   

The safety of our students and faculty is a top priority at St. Michael High School.  We want to teach our students to make good decisions in their daily lives, while at the same time making our school campus as safe as possible.  Several members of our administration, faculty, and staff serve on a standing safety committee that meets regularly to review our safety protocols and procedures.  Many cameras were installed this past school year to monitor happenings inside and all entrances of the buildings on campus.  As is our standard procedures, the school conducts safety drills on a regular basis throughout the school year.  We practice fire, lockdown, evacuation, and bad weather drills.  These drills are often monitored by the Baton Rouge Fire Department.  This summer, our administration has had several safety meetings where our crisis plan was reviewed, and we studied ways to make our campus a healthy and safe place to learn.  Members of the administration attended a School Campus Safety Workshop put on by the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Baton Rouge in June.  We are planning ways to limit accessibility to the school buildings during the school day.  We will keep you posted as more safety features are put in place. 

As a thriving school community, we count on the support of our families and of our alumni, along with so many who believe in the mission of St. Michael High School, that of forming our young men and young women as committed disciples of Christ.  As we begin the 2022-2023 school year, we ask for your continued support and prayers.

God Bless,

Ellen B. Lee, Principal

Wow! The Warrior Club was incredibly busy throughout the 2021-22 school year.  We could not have had a successful year without our members and our volunteers, and we thank you from the bottom of our Warrior hearts! A special thank you goes out to Molly Sanchez for your dedication to the Warrior Club. Your talents have been greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to all the Senior Athletes and Spirit Team Members! We hope you and your families enjoyed the BBQ hosted by the Warrior Club on May 1. If you did not receive your alumni t-shirt, please reach out and we will get one to you. Thank you again for sharing your talents and for your dedication to your skill and to St. Michael High School. You will always be a WARRIOR!  We’d like to express our appreciation to all Warrior Club Volunteers who assisted with this event, including Casey McLeod of Armco Electric for repairing our smoker and Jason Knapps for heading the crew to operate the smoker for the BBQ.

Many of you ask, what is the Warrior Club or why should I join. Simply stated, it’s to support all St. Michael Students with an emphasis on our athletic and spirit programs. Because of your contributions, the Football Program Sales, the Warrior Club Dance, and the Warrior Club Store, 2021-22 donations consisted of the following:
*$1000 scholarship to each of the following incoming freshman athletes: Benjamin Jones of St. Theresa, Anna Juliet Leblanc of Most Blessed Sacrament, Brody Knapps of St. Alphonsus, and Nicolas Morgan of St. Jean Vianney. Congratulations and we welcome you to St. Michael!
*$3800 to replace 6 weight benches in the weight room
*$10,732 distributed amongst all teams participating in the 2021 football program sales
*$1500 of promotional items to Feeder School and St. Michael Auctions
*$4500 for weight room improvements (to be completed this summer)
*$600 of promotional items and/or monetary donations for the Senior Dinner, Shadow Days, and additional St. Michael events
*Convocations – Personalization of certificates and reimbursement of $10 per team member (distribution to be completed this summer)
*Maintain various items made available for use at all St. Michael events upon request such as the following: 2 Large Ice Chests, Large Tent/s, Banquet Tablecloths, Square Terminal, Smoker, and Trailer

As we enter the new school year, congratulations to Elisha Wood on being our 2022-23 Warrior Club Secretary. We are grateful to have you on board Elisha.  Please give a warm welcome and thank you to all executive board members, members at large, and chairpersons. We have already been busy planning for upcoming St. Michael events.  Our first event for the new school year involved sales at the New Parent Bootcamp with help from the following volunteers: Stephanie Horton, Lynne Mains, Lyn Poche, and Jennifer Taffaro.  Our second event also involved sales at Alumni Day which we could not have done without the help of Mike Taffaro. The Warrior Club can’t be successful without our volunteers so THANK YOU!

Our annual Football Program Preparations are underway. Anyone can purchase or sell ads to highlight your student or business. You can specify which athletic team or spirit program you want to receive the credit. The deadline is July 24.  You can go directly to for submission of your ad or to the Warrior Club Website for more information. Please direct all questions to

Our annual Warrior Club Back to School Dance for adults 21+ will be held on Saturday, August 20 from 8:00 PM to Midnight in the St. Michael Multi-Purpose Gym. We will have a DJ this year and are excited to offer a new experience! Tickets and limited VIP tables are now available on our website.

We are now accepting Warrior Club Memberships for the 2022-23 School Year.  To receive your exclusive merchandise on August 24, your membership must be received by August 7.  The deadline for the Warrior Level Membership is also August 7.  Remember, memberships include the option to purchase sporting event passes. Please visit our website at for complete details.

We have recently stocked the Warrior Club Spirit Store with new merchandise. Get your Warrior ready for the upcoming school year!  You can shop anytime at and select shop now or shop all to view all available items.

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to the 2022-23 School Year!

Go Warriors!!!

2022-23 Board Members/Committee Members
Brandyn Landry, President
Megan Womack, V. President/Merchandise Coordinator
Sandra Bauder, Treasurer
Elisha Wood, Secretary/Social Media Coordinator
Lalie Edgecombe, Member at Large
Jeanne Bertrand, Member at Large
Jennifer Taffaro, Dance Chair
Amanda Rufini, Football Program Co-Chair
Lori Fernandez, Member Communications Assistant


       St. Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle
2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR
                                                                                                                      SPIRITUAL                                                                                                           -14,100 plus Christian Service Hours
 -Peer leaders served feeder schools through retreats, days of                                  prayer and reflection, and Junior High MP3 (music, prayer, play                          and praise events)
 -Seniors participated in a Peer Ministry Leadership Class that                                    includes opportunities for deepening their Catholic faith,                                      intellectually and spiritually
-      138 Graduates
-      21 Honor Graduates
-      $3.4 Million in Scholarships (not including TOPS) 
-      291 College Credits Awarded to Students through Advanced Placement                      and Dual Enrollment 
-      38 Academic All-State Honors
-      13 All-State Honors
-      14 All-Metro Honors
-      96 All-District Honors 

-Back to Back Boys and Girls District Track Championships
-Volleyball District Championship, State Semifinalist
-Boys Basketball State Semifinalist
-Baseball District Championship, State Quarter Finalist
-Girls Soccer State Semifinalist
-2 State Champion Powerlifters
-2 State Runners-Up Powerlifters
-Girls Cross Country State Runner-Up
-Boys Powerlifting State Runner-Up
-Wrestler State Runner-Up 
-6 Athletes signed Collegiate National Letters of Intent
2022 Valedictorian                           2022 Salutatorian
Caroline Adolph                               James Balart, Jr.
American Legion Award:
Conner Pike and Olivia Jackson

Christian Character Award:
Alex Rodrigue and Margaret Perrien

Kiwanis Courtesy Award:
Trey Holmes

Knights of Columbus Gold Medallion Award:
Grace Kenney

Mark Rodriguez Scholarship Award:
Grace Kenney

Principal's Leadership Award:
Julia Clark

Student of the Year:
Melinda Jones

Warrior Sword Award
the highest award given to a senior):
Nicholas Johnson

Warrior Shield Award for Academics:
—James Balart, Jr.
 English—Julia Miller
 Family and Consumer Sciences—Emma Allerheilligen
 Fine Arts—Caleb Wiese
 Foreign Language—Micah Howard
 Mathematics—Caroline Adolph
 Physical Education— Margaret Dennison
 Religion—Margaret Perrien
 Science— Nicholas Thai
 Social Studies—Melinda Jones

The St. Michael Award 
      (given to those who best live out the school's mission): 

Nicholas Johnson
Julia Miller
Abigail McLeod
Conner Pike
Jacob Ashford
Julia Coffey
James Balart, Jr.
Lucy Rispone
Melinda Jones
Olivia Jackson
Margaret Perrien
Caroline Adolph
Anthony Igiede
Julia Clark

All A’s for Semester Grades
9  Madison Broussard      
9  Connor Cornett         
9  Charles Dardis         
9  Chloe Hall             
9  Grace Manuel           
9  Katelyn O'Brien        
9   Luke Raymond          
9   Ella Sikes             
9   Samuel Tramonte        
10  Lee Balart             
10  Blaise Fox             
10   Annemarie Froeba       
10  Gavin Landry           
10  Monica Levron          
10  Lucas Miller           
10  Nikki Normand          
10  Andrew Rhodes   
11  Nicole Benigno         
11  Bennett Blank          
11  Emma Collett           
11  Richard-Tri Dang       
11  Angelique Deville      
11  Braeden Fox            
11  Jordan Hannie          
11  Jonathan Harper        
11  Joshua Miller          
11  Anh-Tu Nguyen          
11  Beverly Smith          
11  Allyson Zylicz         
12  Caroline Adolph        
12  Jacob Ashford          
12  James Balart Jr        
12  Honor Camus            
12  Madeline de Vries      
12  Nicholas D'Gerolamo    
12  Alexis Ghetti          
12  Henlee Hoffer          
12  Nicholas Johnson       
12  Melinda Jones          
12  Anthony Latona         
12  Julia Miller           
12  Ryleigh Williams              

   First Honors 
Weighted GPA 3.50 and above
    9      Carolina Alvarez        
    9      Noah Armand             
    9      Nathan Beall            
    9      Alyssa Bombet           
    9      Evan Broussard          
    9      Lauren Broussard        
    9      Dane Bruno              
    9      Drew Bruno              
    9      William Caldwell IV     
    9      Samantha Calix          
    9      Rylee Curtis            
    9      Gabrielle Distefano     
    9      Madalyn Dubnansky       
    9      Kendyl Edwards          
    9      Nicholas Edwards        
    9      Isabel Froeba           
    9      Jillian Gallinaro       
    9      Caroline Gremillion     
    9      Brock Hamilton          
    9      Riley Harshbarger       
    9      Caroline Jackson        
    9      Sophia Jean             
    9      Audrey Lanoux           
    9      Emily Larzelere         
    9      Addison Latona          
    9      Ella Lawrence           
    9      Alyse LeBlanc           
    9      Miley Macdonald         
    9      John Martinez III       
    9      Aidan Medine            
    9      Owen Naquin             
    9      Alexander Ocmond        
    9      Braden Rodrigue         
    9      Mary Root               
    9      Riley Sanders           
    9      Kyla Sutton             
    9      Kaylin Taffaro          
    9      Ricardo Verduzco        
    9      Ada Waguespack          
    9      Evelyn White            
    9      Avery Williamson        
    10      Claire Ashford          
    10      Ava Barnett             
    10      Matthew Beall           
    10      Hayden Bessonet         
    10      Emily Breaux            
    10      John Breaux             
    10      Henry Breeden           
    10      Elizabeth Brumfield     
    10      Luke Campbell           
    10      Makenzie Clark          
    10      Jackson Cummings        
    10      Ronald Kien Dang        
    10      Rachel Dardis           
    10      Grace Denison           
    10      Arthur Donaldson IV     
    10      Mary Kathryn Gravois    
    10      Audrey Hair             
    10      Caden Hannie            
    10      Angela Huynh            
    10      Kaiden Klock            
    10      Katherine Klumpp        
    10      Abigail Kraemer         
    10      Luke Leger              
    10      Hays Marionneaux        
    10      Hannah McQuiddy         
    10      Julia Miller            
    10      Abigail Morrison        
    10      Emily Naquin            
    10      Angel Ngo               
    10      Baylie Patt             
    10      Nikolas Pforr           
    10      Victoria Provost        
    10      Andrew Richard          
    10      Colleen Roberts         
    10      Dalton Rufini           
    10      William Simpson III     
    10      Jansen Stevens          
    10      Isabel Tram             
    10      Vivian Truong           
    10      Alexander Vidaurre    
10      Reilly Wilks            
11      Cooper Bankston         
11      Isabella Bull           
11      Ann Marie Cazedessus    
11      Macy Collins            
11      Lauren Crow             
11      Liam Cunningham         
11      Cara Isabelle Delacruz  
11      John Dowling            
11      Hannah Englert          
11      Madelyn Fitch           
11      Will Godbery            
11      Brady Hatcher           
11      Kaylee Holmes           
11      Ashlynn Howell          
11      Hayden Knapps           
11      Jackson Landry          
11      John Latona             
11      Christian Martin        
11      Miranda Martone         
11      Ryleigh McKay           
11      Anna Medine             
11      Austin Pearson          
11      Olivia Pinell           
11      Emily Ponson            
11      Ashton Richardson       
11      Alexander Rodriguez     
11      Sophia Santoro          
11      Mia Scott               
11      Reese Stelly            
11      Gracie Thomas           
11      Andrew Tran             
11      Tommy Tran              
11      Allie Waguespack        
11      Blythe Waguespack       
11      Anna Weileman           
11      Riley Williams          
11      Chance Young            
12      Emma Allerheiligen      
12      Thomas Betancur Lopez   
12      Avery Chambers          
12      Stephanos Christofi     
12      Julia Clark             
12      Julia Coffey            
12      Christian Corsten       
12      Taylor Cuccia           
12      Margaret Denison        
12      Franklin Epps           
12      Matthew Freeman         
12      Ross Fuselier           
12      Blaiklee Guillot        
12      Robert Harrison         
12      Alexander Henderson     
12      Micah Howard            
12      Lindsey Hunt            
12      Lindsey Huynh           
12      Anthony Igiede          
12      Olivia Jackson          
12      Michael LeBlanc         
12      Emilia Lomnicki         
12      Corinne Maynard         
12      Abigail McLeod          
12      Joshua Murray           
12      Peter Nguyen            
12      Sandra Nguyen           
12      Georgia Nizzo           
12      Joel Pena Rodriguez Jr  
12      Margaret Perrien        
12      Conner Pike             
12      Jose Pinero Mendoza     
12      Lucy Rispone            
12      Alex Rodrigue           
12      Bryce Rogowski          
12      Olivia Shelling         
12      Kristen Slatcoff        
12      Andrew Snyder           
12      Nicholas Thai           
12      Jake Viscardis          
12      Caleb Wiese             
12      Gannon Wood             
Weighted GPA 3.00 – 3.49
9      Aidan Achberger         
9      Ella Adcock             
9      Peyton Ardoin           
9      Natalie Bauder          
9      Brett Bencaz            
9      Joshua Bertrand         
9      Charles Boyles          
9      Coy Bruno               
9      Jackson Chambers        
9      Leandre Dixon           
9      Kaitlyn Do              
9      Gabriella Ducharme      
9      Meyer Dumas             
9      Hayden Evans            
9      Devon Fitzhugh          
9      Brandon Goldsmith       
9      Kelan Guidry            
9      Ashlynn Harper          
9      Austin Johnson          
9      Riley Kidder            
9      Nathan Lacinak          
9      Jack Ortego             
9      Jordynn Osborne         
9      Ashlyn Peters           
9      Peyton Scott            
9      Taylor Smith            
9      Joshua Stefan           
9      Isabella Stevens        
9      Brady Thornhill         
9      Avery Vavasseur         
9      Sebastian Vazquez       
9      Victoria Vazquez        
9      Ryan Verinder           
9      Addison Watkins         
9      Ava Williams            
10      Josiah Bolton           
10      Grace Broussard         
10      Elise Cormier           
10      Eli Courville           
10      Reagan Dedon            
10      Audrey Doming           
10      Rylie Evans             
10      Ashlyn Gitz             
10      Anthony Hugenroth       
10      Makenzie Kidder         
10      Gavin Knapps            
10      Aubrey Lagarde          
10      Kade Leader             
10      Ava McCann              
10      Alexander Neal          
10      Trieu Nguyen            
10      Isabella Ortiz Fandino
10      Alexandra Redden        
10      Conor Reynolds          
10      Jacob Rochester         
10      Kristen Rudge           
10      Stephen Sclafani        
10      Cooper Shannon          
10      Olivia Thibodeaux       
10      Savannah Touchet        
10      Katherine Vu            
10      Samuel Wilson           
10      Emma Woodring  
10      Sayla Yates Fogos       
11      Makayla Bonanno         
11      Bryson Cannatella       
11      Brennan Collins         
11      Canon Edgecombe         
11      Ansley Edwards          
11      Darren Evans            
11      Colin Grippi            
11      Collin Hebert           
11      Cameron Kimball         
11      Abby Lanoux             
11      Parker Mains            
11      Sydnie McLaughlin       
11      Ashlynn McVea           
11      Derrick Morris Jr.      
11      Ryan Noel               
11      Ava Palmer              
11      Matthew Perere          
11      Ava Phillips            
11      Liam Reed               
11      Emily Shapiro           
11      Tate Smith              
11      Katelyn Sotor           
11      Keaton Stuart           
11      Meredith Taliaferro     
11      Daniel Varisco          
11      Samantha Vicknair       
12      Robert Alamirie         
12      William Anderson        
12      Alyssa Arceneaux        
12      Jeanne Bourgeois        
12      Jean-Paul Bourgeois     
12      Shepard Butner          
12      LeDamion Dixon          
12      Mason Dolan             
12      Seth Dozier             
12      Zachary Edwards         
12      Wesley Fields           
12      Sophia Fontenot         
12      Holden Franklin         
12      Sarah Gil               
12      Charleston Jackson Jr   
12      Ryan Kennedy            
12      Gabe Lakvold            
12      Brendan LeBlanc         
12      Hailey Lester           
12      Alexis Loya             
12      Andy Mai                
12      Drake Mason             
12      Trey McCann             
12      Abram Morales           
12      Tara Ngo                
12      Daniel Nguyen           
12      Blaine Nicholson        
12      Colton Pike             
12      Allyson Ramsey          
12      Matthew Romanach        
12      Brieanna Saltzman       
12      Garren Stevison         
12      Kennedy Strickland      
12      Sarah Talbot            
12      Caden Traylor           
12      Caleb Zerangue