UT Austin Engineering Course Ready to Launch at St. Michael

St. Michael’s technology guru, Zach Leger ‘03, attended two weeks of professional development through University of Texas at Austin’s, Engineer Your World program. During this immersive program, Mr. Leger learned how to implement St. Michael’s new Engineering I class that will be available for fall 2018. Students who take the course will then have the option of Engineering II and III courses in the following years.

Mr. Leger said the training was extremely hands-on and involved the projects that the students will be completing in the classes. “We went through all of the units and lessons step by step that are involved in the curriculum. We also completed all the design challenges involved with each unit, learning the steps involved in the engineering design process and discovered how to successfully work through each step to complete a specified design challenge.”

Mr. Leger also holds a Bachelor of Science from the College of Engineering at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, as well as a Masters of Education from Nicholls State University. “With the addition of these courses, St. Michael is excited to expand its STEM/STEAM curriculum, as well as expanding its vast Dual Enrollment curriculum,” he said.

Engineer Your World I (EYW I), is specifically centered around the engineering design process. Students enrolled in this class will be introduced to civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering as well as system engineering and programming.

In an excerpt from www.engineeryourworld.com the course is described as such: “Developed by a team of University of Texas faculty, NASA engineers, and secondary teachers working with funding from the National Science Foundation, Engineer Your World is an innovative, student-centered curriculum that engages learners in authentic engineering experiences and inspires them to embrace an engineer’s habits of mind. Collaborative, student-directed projects build resilient problem-solving skills and empower students to think like engineers, to adopt engineering processes, and to pursue engineering disciplines for the betterment of our world.”

During the two weeks of professional development, teachers worked through the 7 units that are featured in the curriculum including: Introduction in Engineering, Discovering Design: Pinhole Camera, Reverse Engineering: Product Redesign, Understanding Data: Designing Coffee and Designing with Data: Safer Buildings, Programming Electronic Music and Systems Engineering: Aerial Imaging. Sample projects are pictured in the images below.

To learn more about UT Austin’s Engineer Your World program, visit http://engineeryourworld.org/.