St. Michael Warrior Run

St. Michael High School Warrior Run 

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017 / Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge La.

Race Schedule
10:30 Boys Varsity: 3 Miles
11:00 Girls Varsity: 3 Miles
11:40 High School Open Race, 2/3 Miles
12:20 3rd & 4th Grade Girls/Boys Elementary Race: half mile
12:40 5th & 6th Grade Boys Middle School Race: 1 Mile
1:05 5th & 6th Grade Girls Middle School Race: 1 Mile
1:30 7th & 8th Grade Boys Middle School: 2 Miles
2:00 7th & 8th Grade Girls Middle School: 2 Miles
2:45 Awards

This event is the La. Elementary & Middle School Cross Country State Championship

Any runner who has not passed the final 400-meter mark of the course five minutes before the start of the next race will be diverted so as to not cross the regular finish line to insure the next race starts on time. In that instance, the diverted runner will not be scored.

Warrior Run Race Flyer