St. Michael Students Recognized for Outstanding Service

Yesterday at the annual St. Michael High School Service Mass, numerous students were recognized for going above and beyond their required yearly service hours.

Service awards included: the Bronze Award, for students who earned 10 hours above the minimum requirements, the Silver Award, for students who earned 25 hours above minimum requirements, and the Gold Award, for students who earned 50 hours above the minimum requirements.

The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Christian Service Award was also presented to a senior boy and a senior girl who go above and beyond to follow the model of Jesus Christ in placing ones gifts and talents at the service of others.

Cassie Miller, recipient for the senior girls, is known for her service to the disadvantaged, and especially for helping those with a disability. She volunteers to supervise special needs children and their siblings through the St. John Vianney “Parents Night Out” ministry and coaches the Capital Area Special Needs swim team. She describes her service by saying, “I found the place I was meant to serve,” and is recognized for reaching out, even in the smallest ways, to everyone around her.

Trey Parker, recipient for the senior boys, has done countless amounts of service for his school and community through serving the young and the old, and the sick and imprisoned. His passion and enthusiasm for faith and service are contagious. He describes his service by saying, “I have learned to seek Christ in the vulnerable and forgotten” and acts as an inspiration for those around him.