St. Michael Sophomores Enjoy Retreat Time

Even though it looked a little differently this year, sophomores participated in their annual retreat in the St. Michael multipurpose building during the evenings of February 4th and 5th.

With planning by campus ministers and help from SMHS upperclassmen, sophomores split into two groups over the two days to focus on the charism of “fides,” or living the faith. Students explored their relationship with God and their personal prayer life through reflections and activities. They also delved into the various ways to pray including reading the scripture, using the rosary, participating in adoration, and sitting in silence with their intentions for God.

Campus minister Emily Froeba said the sophomores enjoyed their time together learning about prayer and discussing the different ways to hear God’s voice. “We went deep into the idea of prayer being fundamental to faith and driven by the relationship you build with God. It was great to see our students come alive not only during this time together outside of the classroom, but also within God’s presences through prayer,” she comments.

Sophomore Neil McAlister said he felt closer to God and his classmates after the retreat. “You grow as a person and you can grow in your faith when you attended a retreat at St. Michael. You are there with your peers and have the opportunity to grow in fellowship with them as well through activities and small group discussions,” he shares. “The best part was hearing Mrs. Froeba speak about the importance and value of life, especially a life close with God. I think her talk affected us all in a positive way.”

The retreat ended with a lesson in how to make your own rosary and adoration. Later in the week, seniors in the Leadership and Faith class visited the sophomores’ religion classes to unpack the retreat and discuss “prayer plans.”