St. Michael Seniors Honored at Annual Baccalaureate Mass

On Wednesday, May 16, the St. Michael High School class of 2017-18 was honored at the annual Baccalaureate Mass in the SMHS gymnasium. Family, friends, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate the seniors’ awards and accomplishments.

Graduating as valedictorian of St. Michael High School was Brenden Larson.

Graduating as salutatorians were Audrey Aitken, Molly Armstrong, and Lukas Kim.

Several other students received awards and were recognized for their collegiate scholarships during the ceremony.

Students who have maintained a 3.5 or above cumulative unweighted GPA for the past four years, have achieved the status of honor graduate: Audrey Aitken, Molly Anding, Molly Armstrong, Trevor Beard, Paulina Bourgeois, Elizabeth Bowie, Sarah Bowman, Maidson Bridges, Maria Broussard, Kathleen Cane, Rachel Connors, Kayla Darsam, Connor Davis, Virginia Dietrich, Mary Dowling, Emily Drez, Danielle Dugas, Jaslyn Evans, Thomas Gaspard, Whitney Hamilton, Rachel Hayes, Laura Haywood, Hailey Hebert, Jailyn Hoskins, Lukas Kim, Ryan Kottemann, Alec LaCour, Brenden Larson, Nikolai Leday, Elizabeth Ledet, Eva Lee, Alexander Maciasz, Rachel Malmberg, Ana Martinez, Braedon Miller, Cassie Miller, Rachel Morley, Trinh Ngo, Fatima Nguyen, Grace Nizzo, Anna Otterstetter, Trey Parker, Jonathan Perrien, Kristen Rabalais, Reese Robinson, Allison Rodrigue, Trent Schiller, Brittany Segalla, Jessica Segalla, Elizabeth Seiler, Kade Stuart, Maria Telleria, Jessica Tuminello, Morgan Venable, Dylan Vo, and Nathan Zeringue.

Students who have maintained a 3.5 or above cumulative unweighted GPA for the past four years while taking honors classes achieved the status of scholar graduate: Ryan Achee, London Boudreau, Jansen Bourgeois, Jacqueline Crouch, Morgan Dicharry, Cristobal Lemus, Andrew Little, Hunter McCann, Cole McCullough, Patrick Nguyen, Emily Passman, Nicola Pocorello, Brock Sanders, Kyle Segalla, Madison Szekely, Tina Vu, and David Weimer.
Perfect attendance: Alexis Arceneaux, Maria Broussard, Connor Davis, Brenden Larson, and Steven Sherman.
St. Michael Award: Lukas Kim, Trey Parker, Hunter McCann, Molly Armstrong, Brock Sanders, Maddie Dowling, Jansen Bourgeois, Brenden Larson, Audrey Aitken, Kayla Darsam, Grace Nizzo, Claire Miller, Nathan Zeringue, Shore Fleury, Matthew Pham, Cassie Miller, Sarah Bowman

Knight of Columbus: Trey Parker
Santa Maria Francesca Distinguished Young Lady: Maddie Dowling
Principal’s Award: Hunter McCann
Mark Rodriguez Scholarship: Brianna Alumbaugh
Christian Character Award: Brent Bravata and Jansen Bourgeois
Warrior Sword Award: Trey Parker

Warrior Shield Awards:
For English – Elizabeth Ledet
For Family and Consumer Sciences – Cassie Miller
For Fine Arts – Nathan Zeringue
For Foreign Language – Emily Drez
For Mathematics – Maddie Dowling
For Physical Education – Trey Parker
For Religion – Kayla Darsam
For Science – Connor Davis
For Social Studies – Molly Armstrong