St. Michael Senior Retreat Allows Time for Reflection

St. Michael seniors enjoyed campus all to themselves last Wednesday for a day of retreat, renewal, and reflection. The day’s theme of “Put on Love,” inspired by Colossians 3:12-14, allowed students to dive deeply into understanding God’s love in all areas of life.

Seniors heard multiple speakers throughout the day, as well as had time for small group reflection and fun activities. St. Michael principal, Ellen Lee, began the day with a presentation about witnessing God in day-to-day life, followed by a short guided meditation. Lunch was provided by Bonanno’s Catering in a bistro-style fashion, served in the Multipurpose Gym. Liturgy and a time for confession and prayer were also part of the day’s activities.

“It was a good day for our seniors to just get away from their typical school schedule and have a time to reflect with only each other. They are getting close to graduation and it has been a tough year, so I think they enjoyed the retreat and were able to use it as a reset to help them focus on their last couple months of high school,” shares campus minister Emily Froeba.

According to senior Collin Hebert, the best part of the retreat was having quality time to spend with his classmates before graduating in less than two months. “As a senior, it was nice to pause and show gratitude toward all my friends and classmates at St. Michael. I really enjoyed the clothespins activity. It gave us all an opportunity to express how much we do care about each other without having to be super vocal or over-the-top about it,” he shares.

Senior Clara Collins says that she appreciated having a time during her senior year to bond with classmates outside of classes. “It was a nice break from all the craziness of senior year,” she mentions. “The activities allowed us to show appreciation for each other and I even got to know some of my classmates that I did not know as well before this. I am looking forward to graduation but I also know that I will miss my time at St. Michael with all my friends. I will always cherish the memory of my senior retreat.”