St. Michael Gift Card Drive

After the devastating effects of Hurricane Laura, our St. Michael family got together in order to provide help for St. Louis Catholic High School in Lake Charles after they were affected negatively by the hurricane. Living in Southern Louisiana, many of us know the traumatic pain that natural disasters bring. And knowing our Warrior family, we knew that many people would want to help. When our Warrior family strives to help, they go above and beyond.

We asked our students and their families if they could donate gift cards. We began collecting gift cards at the beginning of September. Overall we raised an astounding $11,000+ worth of gift cards for St. Louis Catholic High School and their families.

Last weekend, Coach Sanchez and the football team spent the day in Lake Charles, serving food and volunteering. While they were there, Coach Sanchez delivered all the gift cards.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and prayed for the St. Louis community. We will continue praying and doing all we can to help those in the St. Louis and the Lake Charles community so that they can recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.