St. Michael Cross Country Reaps Success On and Off theTrails

St. Michael High School’s cross country team truly upholds a tradition of excellence. With a combined 19 state championships since 1991, and 11 state runner-ups, the SMHS team has much to show for hard work throughout their years.

The team started the 2018-19 school year in top rankings at each meet, including a recent victory at the Battlefield Cross Country Festival. The St. Michael girls took first while the boys placed second.

With an overall 3.45 team averaged GPA, the team knows how to succeed off the trails as well. Team co-captain, Will Clark, claims running actually makes it easier to keep up with school work. “Cross country keeps me mentally and physically fit,” he says, “I am able to get my energy out and be social which allows me to focus on my academics once I get home.” This work ethic translates into life far past high school years, as the team has produced 9 cross country college athletes since 2006.

Coach Neil Borel says his teams knows the importance of success on and off the running trails. “My athletes know practices are run on a strict timeline,” he says, “they have be efficient with their time and any school work once they get home. Time management becomes a big part of being a well-rounded, successful student athlete.”