St. Michael Celebrates Annual 2nd Generation Mass

As the school year begins, the St. Michael High School student body and staff celebrated in mass honoring the Assumption of Mary and our second generation Warrior families.

Currently, St. Michael has 48 total second generation Warriors ranging from freshmen to seniors. Being a second generation Warrior means you’ve had at least one parent who graduates from St. Michael High School while presently attending high school here.

Jason McCann ‘94, father of Trey McCann ‘22, Jacob McCann ‘20, and recent graduate Hunter McCann ‘18, explains what it means for him to see his sons at his alma mater. “It means the world to me to know that my children will get the same education academically and spiritually as I did when I went to school here. It’s interesting to see it through their eyes now knowing that I went through the same things as they did.” The McCann’s mother, Kathryne, also graduated from St. Michael.

“Being a second generation Warrior at St. Micheal High School is really interesting,” Trey McCann ’22 says, “Knowing both of my parents went to this school makes feel closer to them because I know they once walked in the same halls I am now. It reinforces a family environment at the school.”

Dena Balart ‘93, mother of James Balart ‘22, and Charlotte Balart ‘21, comments, “I gave my children the option of choosing what high school they wanted to go to and I’m happy they chose St. Michael for many reasons including that we can share that commonality. One of my favorite years at St. Michael was when my brother was a senior and I was a freshman, so I’m excited that my children get to have that shared experience together too.”

Among our 48 second generation students, SMHS welcomed 16 newest members.

We welcome the following second generation Warriors to our family:

James Farrish Carter Balart Jr.
Julia Faye Clark
Alexis Julianna Ghetti
Jacob Ross Goodridge
Gavin Joseph Hebert
Alexandra Paige Johnson
Nicholas Joseph Johnson
Melinda Rose Jones
Brendan Andre LeBlanc
Trey Maxwell McCann
Abigail Claire McLeod
John Patrick Raymond
Lucy Shawn Rispone
Andrew Joseph Snyder
Caden John Traylor
Camryn Lizabeth Wax