Sophomores Devote a Day to Hands-on Retreat

St. Michael sophomore students spent a day of reflection and prayer at St. John church in Prairieville on Friday, February 23.

The day’s theme was Romans 12:12: “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, be constant in prayer.” Sophomores were spilt into groups and went through prayer workshops to learn about different types of prayers. They also played faith-rooted games that encouraged self-discovery and friendship.

Student campus minister, Gabe Salamida, said the students get a lot from planned hands-on experiences during this retreat. “In going to a Catholic school, we talk a lot about God and prayer but we don’t get a lot of practical wisdom or hands-on experiences. We would teach them about a type of prayer and then actually do it.”

Kayla Ford called this year’s retreat one of the best retreats she’s ever been on. “We were asked questions about faith and God that you never really think about,” she said, “It really helps you grow in your relationship with God and you get to know your classmates better.”

The retreat was put on by campus ministers, Gabe Salamaida and Emily Froeba. Other teachers and faculty in attendance included: Joshua Ardoin, Lorrie Cousins, Lorenzo Foster, Ryan Holmes, Thomas Huck, Katie Klienpeter, Grace Krause, Megan Lewis, Caitlin Narette, Terry O’Mara, Troy Roddy, Craig Saylor, Allen Taylor, Brittany Watkins and Josh Zeringue.