Freshmen Enjoy Class Retreat

St. Michael freshmen gathered at St. George Church for their first class retreat last week. Their retreat theme was “Becoming a Warrior for Christ.” Students reflected on their commitment to becoming a Warrior and their identity in relation to God.

The day began with games and icebreakers, allowing the students to bond and get to know each other on a personal level. After lunch, the retreat ended with a Mass service led by a group of 15 St. Michael seniors. The seniors took time to bless and pray for each freshman during the service.

Campus Minister, Emily Froeba, said the retreat added to the successful start of the school year. “It was really a retreat about identity and how you belong to God. The seniors served as witnesses to our faith throughout the retreat, allowing the freshmen to observe a strong sense of faith identity.”

Sarah Talbot enjoyed getting to know all her classmates for the day. “It was fun to learn more about our classmates and God at the same time. I also enjoyed the speech at the beginning of our retreat reminding us that God is our creator and other people’s labels on us don’t always matter.”

Georgia Nizzo agreed the retreat was a powerful start to the year. “It was a powerful event and necessary to start the year with God as the focus point. I enjoyed getting to interact with my classmates on a deeper level.”

Thank you to the St. Michael faculty members who helped facilitate the retreat: Emily Froeba, Gabe Salamida, Jackie Berthelot, Alex Stanfill, Chris Cole, Megan Lewis, Caitlin Narretta, Chris Harrell, Karen Timmreck, Joey Sanchez, Brittany Watkins, Sharon Ducote, Josh Zeringue, Josh Ardoin, James Cupit, and Amy Donaldson.