Alumnus Finds Passion in Teaching

Scott Michael Jarreau ‘14, always knew he wanted to become a teacher. Today, Scott is not only following his passion, but also excelling at it.

As a student teacher who only recently graduated, Scott already has multiple accolades to his name. “I was never really acknowledged as a student in school because I was not at the top of the class. So now to be getting all these awards and recognition for teaching has been amazing. It is really about the ability to present and apply certain elements in an academic setting to younger students.”

Scott was recently named Southeastern University’s Outstanding Graduate in middle school education and was honored as their Student Teacher of the Year out of almost 200 graduates. He also earned a spot on the Louisiana Board of Regents Future Honor Roll.

After growing up in the Baton Rouge area, attending Our Lady of Mercy for elementary school, and then continuing his education at St. Michael, Scott admits that growing up with so many outstanding teachers encouraged him to pursue a career in education. “I knew from being around so many incredible teachers, I wanted to become one,” he shares. “I went into Southeastern knowing I could be a natural leader in the profession because of my personality.”

During his high school years as a Warrior, Scott can remember several favorite teachers that led him to his decision to teach. “My time at St. Michael was incredible. I took advantage of everything I could. Being a part of the band was a great opportunity and even though I wasn’t a super proficient player, I felt like I was still an integral part of it all, and that is what it’s all about. A lot of the teachers at St. Michael let you be who you are; your thoughts and feelings never felt suppressed so there was a lot of opportunity for free talk and learning.”

Now on the other side of it all, Scott gives his students the same opportunities to be themselves. His favorite part is writing lessons and then seeing it unfold through the eyes of the children in the classroom. “The best part of teaching is just the art of it all. It’s like writing a movie or an article, you have to be able to get the students interested, and it is beautiful when done correctly.”

Scott completed his student teaching at Southside Junior High in Denham Springs and graduated from Southeastern last week. He accepted a job at St. Theresa Middle School in Gonzales for the 2019-20 school year teaching 6th and 7th grade life science.  “I hope I can change at least a little part of the world. I want students to know they are valued, and I want to know I had an influence on my students the way my teachers influenced me.”