Alumna Turns Love for STEM into Successful Business Ventures

A little over 10 years ago alumna, Alane Boyd ‘01, took a leap of faith a started her own business. Her venture paid off when she was able to sell her company, GoFanbase, and retire at the age of 35.

The road was not all easy though, as Alane will tell you. After graduating with two degrees from Louisiana Tech University, Alane pursued a career in the tech industry in San Diego. She soon realized working for someone else was not an easy fete.

“The biggest thing that kept me going is that I knew I wanted to work for myself,” explains Alane. “I worked for a few businesses before GoFanbase, but was never able to do enough for them where I saw real needs for improvement because I was not the owner.”

GoFanbase began as a social media management service that was intended to help big companies manage their online presence. It really took off once she met her business partner, secured a large contract with a car dealership, and created an app. It was at that time that Alane’s company began changing from a “services” company to a software company. “Car dealerships needed a lot of help, particularly with online reputation,” she mentions. “With the creation of our app, it allowed customers to instantly leave good reviews on Google, Facebook, etc. and bad reviews were immediately sent to dealership management.”

Alane credits the foundation of her growth mind set in her business ventures all the way back to her high school days. “We had a teacher, Mr. Clouatre, he taught honors math and I had him for two years,” she reminisces. “He changed the way I thought about everything. He would always tell us ‘I’m not teaching you math, I’m teaching you how to think’ and I’ve always thought about that going through life.”

Alane also went back to her high school roots in finding employees for her companies. “My favorite thing about high school was the friends I made. The best part of the day was just getting there in the morning and hanging out with everyone in the commons,” she shares. “I was even able to hire two of my best friends from high school who are still with the company today; Emilie Speyrer Becker, and Michelle Bourg. Both live in different cities. The idea was to build GoFanbase so that people could work remotely like Emilie and Michelle do.”

GoFanbase was acquired in January 2017 and Alane now enjoys life as a young retiree, dedicating time to her hobbies and son. While currently living outside of Nashville TN, she works on her cookbook, “BurgerFit” that is due to come out June 1, 2019, and cooking show “Cooking with My Friends.” She also owns a small consulting company, BGBO Co, that helps companies build their own software then how to sell and market it. But best of all, she says, is getting to travel the world and explore new places with her husband and son.

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