Why Giving Matters

At St. Michael our goal is to transform our students as learners, leaders, and servants of God. To do this, we provide our young men and women with a college-preparatory education in the context of our Catholic faith. Recognizing that such growth is only possible with help, St. Michael emphasizes the need for a strong community that gives back to St. Michael in gratitude for that which was received.

With students at the center of our work, the Advancement Office helps to build that community among parents, alumni/ae and friends and to raise the funds necessary for St. Michael to achieve its mission as a Catholic High School. This means keeping St. Michael inclusive and accessible through Annual Fund and Endowment support from people like you who value a St. Michael education. Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of the young people who live and worship and learn here.

The generosity of our parents, alumni/ae and friends is truly outstanding, and we are deeply grateful for all that you have done in the past. Your ongoing support for our programs will continue the legacy of excellence that defines a St. Michael education. Your commitment is a true blessing for our students, and to the teachers who are devoted to their success.

Warrior Fund for Excellence

The St. Michael Experience is only possible because of our supportive and generous community. Our students receive an unparalleled education – engaging in a rigorous and dynamic student life, focused on development of the whole person with enhanced courses, extra-curricular activities and programs. Most of all, they gain a deeper spiritual experience centered on Jesus Christ, and His message of mercy, love and service.

As part of our mission to keep St. Michael affordable and accessible to all families who desire a Catholic education for their children we keep our tuition below the actual cost of our program, and rely on the generosity of the community to help us make up the difference. Without the compassionate support of alumni, parents and friends, we would not be able to serve so many of these young men and women, who will be the future of our society and our world.

How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

Gifts of all sizes and types combine to support St. Michael High School’s goal of graduating young men and women of competence, compassion and conscience, who are committed to leadership and service. Whether you choose to direct your gift to a special program or our overall endowment, your support will directly impact our students and community.

When you support St. Michael, you are ensuring that future students benefit from the great and historic strengths of Catholic education — an approach to learning emphasizing inquiry, experience, action and reflection.

There are many ways to make charitable contributions, and we invite you to explore some popular options below. Please consider a confidential, no-obligation conversation. Please contact:

Mr. Jack Nelson

President, St. Michael High School
(225) 755-3618