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Red Ribbon Week Begins

October 28, 2019

RED RIBBON WEEK: During the week of October 28-November 1, the SADD club will be sponsoring Red Ribbon W eek
on campus. This week will feature activities to raise students’ awareness on issues of impaired & distracted driving and alcohol & drug abuse. In addition to school-wide daily announcements and prayers encouraging good decision making, below is a list of activities that will take place that week:

Monday, 10/28: Red for Red Ribbon Week Drug/Alcohol stats posted around school on Red paper. Say No to Drugs stickers passed out to students.

Tuesday, 10/29: Stay Alive-Don’t Text & Drive Students will pledge to make good decisions behind the wheel by signing a banner during lunch period that says Stay Alive: Don’t Text & Drive. Participants will be given a thumb ring as a reminder not to text and drive.

Wednesday, 10/30: We CAN Stay Drug-Free Students are asked to bring in canned items to donate to the foodbank. The Safety Collation, including Louisiana State Police and MADD, are visiting SMHS during all lunch shifts for impaired driving demonstrations and alcohol/ drug prevention education.

Thursday, 10/31: Say Boo to Drugs and Alcohol Students will wear school appropriate Halloween costumes and will Trick or Treat with the Counselors. Students will visit the counselors during lunch periods
to receive a sweet treat.

Friday, 11/1: Vaping…a Toxic Mix In science classes, teachers will facilitate a brief discussion for students to better understand the consequences of vaping and the dangerous chemicals in vape products. An anti-vaping banner and statistics will be hung around campus.


October 28, 2019