The Warriors for Life Club is St. Michael’s pro-life club.

As a club, we try to find ways to take a stand for life, love, peace, respect, community, and human dignity, no matter what. We stand against abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, suicide, bullying, human trafficking, pornography, capital punishment, genocide, racism, and anything else that tramples upon human dignity. Through fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and service activities, we seek to love, serve, and support those suffering from hunger, poverty, effects of war, disability, sickness, depression, crisis, and imprisonment in any way we can.


Meetings are once per month.


Each year, we participate in the following events:

  • St. Jude Walk to support childhood cancer patients
  • Living Rosary for Life/Pro-Life Week/Assembly Speaker
  • 40 Days for Life: praying outside Delta abortion clinic in Baton Rouge
  • Born to Run 5K: raises money for Woman’s New Life Center (crisis pregnancy center)
  • Hunger Walk: raises funds for people in poverty in Baton Rouge
  • Louisiana Life March, Baton Rouge
  • March for Life Youth Pilgrimage, Washington, D.C. (through the diocese of Baton Rouge)
  • Pro-Vita Dinner (fundraiser for the DC March for Life trip)
  • PULSE (immersion camp that teaches teens how to explain and defend the pro-life message)
  • Drives and Fundraisers for Pro-Life organizations (Woman’s New Life Center, Catholic Charities, Metanoia Manor, etc.)