Latin Club / Junior Classical League

The Junior Classical League creates and promotes interest in the classical languages of Greece and Rome.  It spends its time in service projects and activities promoting the spirit of Latin.  It culminates in a weekend spent at the JCL Convention participating in academic contests, certamen (quiz bowl), Olympic events, and fellowship with other Latin students in the state.

JCL Creed
We, the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world.
We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us to understand and appraise this world today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language and arts.
We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication and enriches our total growth.

JCL Philosophy
We believe that through the National Junior Classical League:
1. We will gain an active appreciation and understanding of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, thereby better enabling us as individuals to interpret and appraise our own world.
2. We have a sound structure which provides a sound basis for expansion of our horizons and perspectives, intellectually, socially, and esthetically.
3. We have a viable organization which can effectively create in others a sense of awareness, interest and appreciation as far as the value of classics is concerned.

Club Moderator: Lorrie Cousins /

Latin Club in Action:
Latin Club in action