Fly Fishing Club

The St. Michael Fly Fishing club is open to any student who wants to explore the finer aspects of fishing and yes, almost any fish that can be caught on conventional tackle in Louisiana can also be caught on a fly rod. Members of the club will:

  • learn how to purchase, maintain, and set up a fly rod and reel.
  • learn the basic knots and get professional casting instructions from Dr. Andry and other local veteran fishermen.
  • get instructions on how to tie their own flies so they can catch fish on flies they’ve tied themselves.
  • get a fun opportunity to fish in a small, year-long, CPR (catch, photo, and release) tournament.

The fly fishing club currently meets after school on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

For more information on the Fly Fishing Club, please contact club moderator Dr. Kevin Andry