The Lady Warriors basketball program is committed to fostering a positive environment that promotes hard work and academic excellence. In preparation for life after St. Michael, the program focuses on teamwork, togetherness, and integrity on the court as it translates to life off the court.

Head Coach: Jeanne Kenney

Assistant Coach: Daryl Thrower, Chris Cole


2017-18 Girls Basketball Roster 

First Last Grade
Kandace Kyler 12
Madison Szekely 12
Jacqueline Crouch 12
Caitlin Brumfield 10
Abigail Button 10
Carlette Dunn 10
Allie Held 10
Megan Davis 10
Ashlyn Edwards 9
Brenna Pace 9
Janelle Parker 9
Amanda Stewart 9
Cameren Cash 9
Hailey Humphries 9
Leah Gil 9


Date:                 Team:  Opponent: Site: Time:
Nov. 1st  (WED) JV & V (St. Amant, Dutchtown, Walker) Scrimmage Dutchtown TBA
Nov. 7th  (TUE) JV & V (St. Amant) Scrimmage SMHS 4:30/6:00
Nov. 8th   (WED) V SJA Jamboree SJA TBA
Nov. 16th (TH) JV & V Live Oak SMHS 5:00/6:00
Nov. 20 – 21 (MON – TUE) V Dunham Tournament Dunham/Sportsplex TBA
Nov. 30–DEC.2 (TH – SAT) V St. Michael Tournament SMHS TBA
Dec. 5th (TUE) JV & V St. Joseph Academy SMHS 5:00/6:00
Dec. 8 – 9  (FRI/SAT) V Teurlings Catholic / Notre Dame Teurlings/Notre Dame 6:30 PM / 2:00 PM
Dec. 12th (TUE) JV & V Archbishop Chapelle Chapelle 5:00/6:00
Dec. 21st  (TH) JV & V St. Thomas Aquinas SMHS 5:00/6:00
Dec. 27 – 29 (WED – FRI) V Episcopal Tournament Episcopal TBA
Jan. 4th (TH) JV & V Broadmoor Broadmoor 5:00/6:00
Jan. 9th  (TUE) JV & V Capitol SMHS 4:30/5:30
Jan. 12th (FRI) JV & V  *Lutcher Lutcher 5:00/6:00
Jan. 16th  (TUE) JV & V *Lee Lee 5:30/6:30
Jan. 19th (FRI) JV & V *Woodlawn SMHS 5:00/6:00
Jan. 23rd (TUE) JV & V Episcopal Episcopal 5:00/6:00
Jan. 26th (FRI) V *Plaquemine SMHS 6:00
Jan. 27th (SAT) JV Denham Springs JV Tournament Denham Springs TBA
Jan. 30th  (TUE) JV & V *Parkview Parkview 4:00/6:00
Feb. 2nd  (FRI) V *Tara (SENIOR NIGHT) SMHS 6:00
FEB. 8 – 10       (TH – SAT) V *Girls District Tournament Lee TBA
 * = District Games

Program Highlights

  • Back-to-back State Championships (2008 & 2009)



Head Coach: Jeanne Kenney
Warrior Tradition Award: Kaitlyn Doyle

Overall record: 11-21
District record: 8-2

Regional State Playoffs
Co-district champs

All-District: Julia Wicker; Lizzie Bowie
Honorable Mention All-District: Ellysa Butterfield

Do you know of past accomplishments not listed?  If so, please email Alumni Coordinator Khloe Page at kpage@smhsbr.org or (225) 753-9782 ext. 26.  We want to hear from you!