Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Daily Announcement – Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Today we will have 8th graders on campus for shadow day.  If any of these students are in your classes or you see them in the hall, please greet them, say hello.  Please make them feel comfortable and give them a Warrior welcome.

Pre-sale football tickets for Friday’s homecoming game are $7 in the office.

Voting for homecoming queen and king will take place in homeroom classes this morning.  It will only take 2 minutes to cast your vote.  Please listen for directions on casting your vote:  When you click on the “cast your vote” section, you will see the senior girls and boys pictures.  You will have to click on the link that appears in the middle of both pictures to actually cast your vote.  Once you click on the link, the pictures will no longer be there.  So know who you are voting for before you click on the link.

Students, tomorrow is Wizard of Oz Wednesday.  Tomorrow you can dress up as a character in Wizard of Oz or you may wear your homecoming shirt with jeans and tennis shoes.

Tomorrow is our block party.  Don’t miss out on the free food, the festivities, the games and the awesome music.  It will be a great time for all. The most students of a class that checks into the Warrior Nation App will win points for our class cup challenge.

Now the announcement you’ve been waiting for…the winner of the door decorating contest. Thank you all for putting so much effort into your classes’ doors they were all so very good and the competition this year was tough.
And the winners are…Honorable mention goes to Mr. Maiden’s class. Great job guys!
In 3rd place is Dr. Bourgeois’ class.
There is a two way tie for 2nd place.  Those classes are Ms. Tocco’s room & Ms. Krause’s room.
In 1st place, winning donuts is Mrs. Messina’s class, very creative, juniors!