Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Daily Announcement – Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Good Morning, for Red Ribbon week today, we are promoting safe driving decision. During all lunch periods, there will be a banner hanging in the cafeteria. The SADD club asks you to take a pledge to not text and drive by signing your name. Thumb rings will be given out and three participant’s signatures will be selected to win a prize.
Did you know that if you are traveling at a speed of 55MPH and your eyes leave the road for 5 seconds that it is enough time for you to cover the length of a football field? Be safe don’t text and drive.
Let us pray: (PRAYER)
Mooyha Burgers will be here today as a lunch guest vendor.
Students, if you purchased winter formal tickets and you have decided not to attend or your date cannot attend, you cannot just sell your ticket to another person, without letting Ms. Berthelot know of the change.  The ticket you received is only a keepsake, it is not entrance into the dance.  Everyone’s name who is attending the dance must be on Ms. Berthelot’s roster.  Remember, everyone must also have an ID to enter the dance.
Tomorrow is club picture day. You must wear your dress uniform in order to have your picture taken with your club.
Congratulations to the boys bowling team, they defeated Runnels 19-8. 200 games were bowled by Nicholas Breaux and Steven Sherman.
Congratulations to the girls basketball team on a great season!
There will be a chess club meeting tomorrow after school from 2:30 to 3:30 in Room 101.