Thursday, August 22, 2019

Daily Announcement – Thursday, August 22, 2019

If you worked as an ambassador at Back to School Night, please come to the office for your service hours.
Today at all lunches students may pick up their Student ID in the cafeteria from Ms. Berthelot.
Congratulations to Logan Rainey, Jackson Tolbert and Olivia Beck for finding the Tikis and winning Back to School Dance tickets.
The Back to School Dance is tomorrow from 7-10.  Students must be in the dance by 8:00 and the doors will re-open at 9:30. Students must have a ride and leave the school by 10:00.   Remember dress code.  Dress is Hawaiian theme.  However, all dress regulations listed in our school handbook apply.  If you wear a grass skirt, you must have knee length basketball shorts under it.  All shorts must be knee length.  If you are wearing a skirt, it must be no shorter than 3” above your knee.  It is not appropriate to wear leggings under a short skirt.  If you are not within dress regulation, you will be sent home to change.  Please read the handbook, starting on page 36.