Advantages of Co-education

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said that co-education creates a feeling of comradeship.  He advocated teaching of both the male and female sexes in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education.

Preparing students academically, socially, and emotionally for higher education and life demands an environment that is reflective of the real world.  The real world is co-ed, and St. Michael graduates are prepared to interact and work with members of the opposite sex both in the college classroom and in the workplace.  This co-ed dynamic empowers students to grow as both individuals and members of the community.

In St. Michael’s co-ed school setting, both young men and women take on leadership roles, exposing students to varied management styles and personalities.  These interactions help to disprove negative gender stereotypes.  Single-sex settings only allow for one gender to fill these roles, which is limiting to the experiences and growth of all students.

At St. Michael High School, we strongly believe that a co-educational learning environment provides students with multiple benefits:

  • Co-educational schools better reflect the diversity of our society;
  • They better prepare students to succeed in post-Secondary education and to eventually enter the workforce;
  • Students at co-educational schools feel comfortable about who they are and have a healthy and positive attitude and self-image;
  • Research shows students in co-educational schools cultivate the fortitude to express their views in the presence of members of the opposite sex;
  • Collaboration between the sexes in the classroom helps develop confidence in students and they excel at university and beyond as leaders;
  • Working together in the classroom and on homework assignments provides boys and girls the opportunity to learn from each other intellectually, as well as socially;
  • Teachers in co-educational schools recognize that some gender differences in learning do exist and are skilled in catering for diverse learning needs in the classroom;
  • For both girls and boys, co-education provides a more realistic way of training young people to take their places naturally in the wider community of men and women: it helps to break down the misconceptions of each sex about the other and provides an excellent foundation for the development of realistic, meaningful, and lasting relationships later in life.


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