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Two Former St. George Students Named Co-Valedictorians for St. Michael High School

May 24, 2021
By St. Michael High School

Charlotte Balart and Abigail McCurry were both named the 2020-21 valedictorians for St. Michael High School. Both girls are also graduates of St. George School and will be attending LSU’s Honors College in the fall. See what they both have to say about their experience together below:

1. How did it feel to find out that you were both co-valedictorians?

Charlotte: It was really exciting because we have been in school together since we were in kindergarten, and since middle school we have pretty much been in all the same classes. After being together for so long, now we get to share this honor.
Abigail: I felt the same way. I was so excited to find out the person I was sharing it with was someone I have been close to for years.

2. What would you say has been the biggest blessing or steppingstone for you during your high school experience?

Abigail: For me it has been the faith formation. We have gone to Catholic school our whole lives, but I feel like here they really establish how to live the faith and go out and be holy in your daily life.
Charlotte: I agree. To go off that answer, I feel like the faith on campus really permeates through everything we do and all classes, not just religion classes. It has really helped to support us in our growth throughout high school.

3. What will you miss about St. Michael High School?

Charlotte: Everything- definitely some of the teachers. The fact that I can get to see my friends every day and just being in a Catholic school where faith is important.
Abigail: Same. The community here has started to feel like a family, and it is hard to leave that.

4. Advice for future Warriors?

Charlotte: Get involved early! With some activities I waited to get involved until I was an upperclassman, and then looking back I thought, ‘I should have done this earlier.’ Also, work really hard but do not forget to have fun; do not let school become your life but do not let it slip away from you.
Abigail: Just take your time and enjoy every moment. The cliché that time flies by is true. Also, it is important to keep a balance in your life.

5. College and career plans?

Charlotte: I want to major in English and history and then get my master’s in education to become a teacher.
Abigail: I am majoring in biology right now and want to become a vet.

St. Michael’s salutatorian is Emalie Manuel, and the Warrior Sword Award has been given to Joshua Breaux.