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St. Michael Elects Student Council for 2021-2022 School Year

May 17, 2021
By St. Michael High School

Last week, St. Michael students voted on the 2021-22 student council representatives and executive board.

The 2021-22 student body president will be Julia Clark and the student body vice president will be James Balart. Other executive senior members include Madeline DeVries as parliamentarian, Lindsey Hunt as secretary, Margaret Perrien as treasurer, Sarah Gil as historian and Nick Johnson as chaplain.

Executive president Julia Clark is a veteran student council member, having served as her class president for the past three years. Next year, she says that she is hoping to get more students involved with school spirit through a variety of activities. “I have always valued these leadership positions and I am looking forward to serving my school as student body president,” she shares. “I want to encourage all students to become involved in school activities and school spirit next year. I think it is important to see everyone enjoy their high school years as a Warrior whether it is at a football game or a dance, or during dress up days and pep rallies.”

Executive student body vice president James Balart says he hopes to help make next year fun for both students and faculty. “I ran for this position because I wanted to give back to my school. I have grown so much from being here, I hope to help share that feeling with everyone and make next year truly memorable for students and faculty too,” he says.

Senior class president Mindy Jones is serving as her first year on student council but says that it is a great opportunity to work on leadership skills and a great way to foster school spirit. “I can not wait to lead my fellow students into a new school year since these past couple years have been a challenge,” she says. “As a senior next year I want to make the most of my time here and plan to do what I can to create school spirit and fun activities.”

Class officers for incoming freshman will be voted on in the fall of 2021.

Congratulations to 2020-2021 St. Michael High School Student Council Officers:  

Student Body President:  Julia Clark

Student Body Vice President:  James Balart

Student Body Student Body Parliamentarian:  Madeline deVries

Secretary:  Lindsey Hunt

Student Body Treasurer:  Margaret Perrien

Student Body Historian:  Sarah Gil

Student Body Chaplain:  Nicholas Johnson

Senior Class Officers:

President – Melinda Jones

Vice President – Ryleigh Williams

Secretary – Caleb Zeringue

Treasurer – Grace Kenney

Junior Class Officers:

President:  Ella Ortego

Vice President:  Meredith Taliaferro

Secretary:  Emily Ponson

Treasurer:  Megyn Gauthier

Sophomore Class Officers:

President:  Annemarie Froeba

Vice President:  Alex Vidaurre

Secretary:  Vivian Truong

Treasurer:  Lee Balart