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St. Michael Alumni Office and Counseling Department Host Career Day

March 15, 2022
By St. Michael High School

The St. Michael Alumni Office and Counseling Department hosted their annual career day for all students on Tuesday, March 15, for the first time since before Covid two years ago. More than 75 professional men and women attended the event, including 50 Warrior alumni. Students chose four 30-minute professional presentations to learn about different career paths and what they entail. Options ranged from business and restaurant entrepreneurship to engineering and nursing.

“We try to get a diverse group of professionals so that the students can have as many options as possible to choose from,” explains St. Michael alumni coordinator Khloe Page ‘04. “Our hope with each career day is to guide students toward professions that interest them. Then they can learn about the real-world application of having that job once they finish school. We are excited to have so many alumni come back to campus for the event this year, especially after a two-year hiatus.”

We want to thank the following alumni and friends of St. Michael High School for their participation in the 2022 career day expo:

Allyson LaBorde ’99, Amanda Rothrock, Andrea Buttross ‘06, Angela Poirrier ‘99, Ashley Robeau Bordelon ‘00, Ashley Whitlow ‘10, Brad Bongiovanni ‘95, Brandon Landry, Brian Watson, Brian Norman, Brittany Musso King, Captain Daniel Breaux ‘92, Carrie Prochaska, Chad Guzzardo ‘99, Chad Harper, Chris Keagle ‘04, Christian Bourgeois, Dr. Cynthia Vavasseur, Dr. Danielle Bellefontaine Fazio ‘07, Darrin McLeod, David Dawson, David Finley, David Lawrence, Denise Rhodes, Doug Stone, Dr. Rubin Patel, Ed Pratt, Elijah Holland, Emily Herpin Mastrantonio ‘06, Evin Beck ‘05, Fr. Taylor Sanford, Greg Sepeda, Haleigh Gautreaux, Jacques Doucet, Jade Gaudet ‘09, Jamie Richard Knight ‘06, Janet Maines, Jeanne Bertrand, Jenn Ocken, Jennifer Gonzalez, Jerrica Kitto ‘06, Jill Stewart, Jim Urdiales ‘87, Dr. Jim Henderson, Joel Wax ‘92, Julie Martin, Katie Hazlip ‘10, Kellye Roussel Chappellie ‘06, Kristi Nugent, Kristin Gibbs Smith ‘95, Kristin Olinde Marino ‘03, Lauren Greene, Lauren Collier ‘11, Dr. Lori Fernandez, Maggie Finley ‘88, Mark Barbre ‘95, Matt Zylicz, Megan Bernard ‘12, Melissa Bongiovanni Landers ‘97, Michael Taffaro, Mike Franco, Philip Plaisance, Rebecca Plumlee Phillips ‘07, Rene' LeMieux Bosworth ‘04, Ron LaBorde ‘02, Ryan White ‘13, Seminarian Blair Stewart ‘17, Shawn Norris, Sr. Eucharist, Sr. Heart of Jesus, Stacey Reed, Steve Schneider, First Class Taylor Scrantz, Terry Hicks ‘01, Thad Rispone ‘91, Trey Rufini, Tyler Parker ‘13, and Wendy Modica.