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Freshman Student Council Representatives Elected

September 06, 2021
By St. Michael High School

The St. Michael class of 2025 voted on their student council representatives in August. Chosen as the freshman class president is Sean Brown. Sean mentions that he wanted to run for student council so that he could serve as a leader for his class and meet new people. “I hope to help plan events and see new, fun things unfold at St. Michael from our student council,” he shares. “It was important for me to run because I want to make a difference at school.” Sean is also a member of the basketball team, the cross-country team, and participates in the fly-fishing club at St. Michael High School.

Elected as the freshman vice president is Serenity Harris. Serenity says that she wants to make sure her classmates have a memorable school year as freshman. “The reason I wanted to run for student council is to have a positive impact on the class of 2025. I want to lead and organize school events, community service projects, and just act as a positive influence for my school community,” she states. “I hope to accomplish creating a spirit of unity among my class and become a voice that creates change for the better. This is important because it allows students like myself and others to demonstrate leadership skills and utilize our talents and creativity to implement more student led activities.”

Serving as freshman treasurer is Owen Naquin and serving as freshman secretary is Isabel Froeba.